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Tally.ERP 9

Tally 9
Tally.ERP 9 Worlds #1 Accounting S/w Package With Inventory, Payroll, Point of sale (POS), VAT, TDS, Serice Tax, FBT & Excise Module

As your business grows and transcends state and international borders, you need a business accounting software that keeps pace with your complex business demands and simplifies growth. The software you choose must offer you greater speed, power and reliability, besides having the ability to adapt quickly to your business. Tally.ERP 9 was engineered to effectively fulfill these needs and help overcome the challenges of a growing business.

Designed for unmatched speed, power, scaleability and reliability Powered by Tally's path-breaking proprietary technology - C:MuLate (Concurrent Multi-lingual Accelerated Technology Engine) – Tally.ERP 9 is the result of a perfect fusion between the Concurrent Multi-lingual Platform and Object Oriented Database Engine. This technology is what ensures the blazing speed, power, scaleability and world-class reliability that Tally.ERP 9 promises.

Features that will empower your business
The dynamic features and MIS capabilities in Tally.ERP 9 are designed to simplify your business operations, while giving you complete control over your accounting, inventory and statutory processes. Multi-lingual and data synchronisation capabilities, allow you to transact business without language barriers or geographical boundaries.

Tally.ERP 9 is very simple to learn and even easier to use. And the advantages of using this robust product are apparent from the start. To learn more about how Tally.ERP 9 can enhance your productivity and profitability, do look through the features and benefits.

Key Features:

Concurrent Multi-lingual capability – allows you to expand your business beyond geographical boundaries without worrying about language barriers. Tally.ERP 9 is so technologically advanced that it can be operated in all Indian languages and numerous International languages, at the same time. And now, this feature works with enhanced speed and with power and reliability.

With Tally.ERP 9, you can maintain your accounts in any Indian language, view them in another and print them in yet another language of your choice, at the same time and really fast. This opens up greater business opportunities, as you can transact across the length and breadth of India and many other countries, without worrying about language barriers.

Tally Payroll – lets you automate the management of your employee records including visa and employment contract management. This feature also offers automatic calculation of salaries and payslip generation.

Job Costing – enables you to generate profitability statements for each project executed, including financial and material resource apportionments, wherever applicable.

POS Invoicing – allows faster data entry and printing on 40 column continuous stationery. It also provides barcode support.

Flexible Financial Periods – allows you to break away from inflexible accounting years and perform all accounting functions in Tally for time-periods that suit your convenience.

Unlimited Companies – Tally.ERP 9 allows you to create and maintain up to 99,999 companies, concurrently.

Data Synchronisation – Tally9 helps you synchronise and update data across multiple locations. This enables fast and easy exchange of business information, between offices and branches, across various geographies.

Consolidation of Companies – Tally.ERP 9 enables grouping of companies and provides consolidated reports. Changes done in any constituent or branch company are automatically updated in the grouped information.

Unlimited levels of classification – Tally facilitates ledger classification and reclassifications as required. It also enables easy viewing and analysis of information; thus helping you make informed decisions.

Advanced MIS – Tally helps you compare information in order to understand and analyse performance levels for various periods or divisions. It helps you study and understand the buying patterns of customers, so that you can channel your resources to specific segments, periods or customers. It also helps you analyse cash flow situations.

Drill Down Facility – Tally helps you drill down or instantly update from any report – starting from the Balance Sheet down to Vouchers, or vice versa.

Accounting Features:

Accounting without CODES – lets you define unlimited levels of classification, with regular names (no more inconvenient account codes), so that you can manage the most complex ledgers with ease.

Unified Ledgers – integrates your general, sales and purchase ledgers into a single ledger, organised in groups, for easy management.

Complete Bookkeeping – enables you to record all types of transactions including receipts, payments, income and expenses, sales and purchases, debit notes, credit notes, adjustment journals, memorandum journals and reversing journals. Transaction data entry through unique voucher entry is easy and flexible to configure, for diverse types of transactions.

Comprehensive Accounting – lets you instantly obtain your balance sheets, profit & loss statements, cash and funds flows, trial balances, and others.

Multi-currency Accounting – offers you flexibility of multiple currencies in the same transaction, and allows viewing of all reports in one or more currency. Tally meets the fundamental criteria set out for EMU handling.

Receivables and Payables – enables you to:
• Dynamically allocate payments against invoices with reference to due dates
• Get reports that are classified, grouped, and aged to your definitions
• Generate customisable reminders, for overdues

Payment Performance of Debtors – helps you identify troublesome debtors and persistent late payers, thereby helping you take the right decision.

Ratio Analysis – offers you a bird's eye view of your company, through a single sheet performance analysis, based on a range of key performance ratios.

Generate Quotations, Orders, Invoice, Voucher and Cheque Printing – ensures real-time linking of accounts and inventory besides enabling instantaneous generation of documents, which can either be printed or mailed directly to the recipient.

Budgeting – gives you unlimited budgets and periods. For example, original and revised budgets.

Security Control – enables you to define security levels for access control.

Powerful Audit Capabilities - allows you to track malafide changes, while making genuine corrections with unparalleled ease.

"Scenario" management – helps you with your business forecasting and planning. You can use optional, reversing journals and memorandum vouchers, to aid in recording provisional entries that are useful for interim reports. For example, you can use optional vouchers to record provisional sales and compare with actuals. You can also prepare reports that include provisional figures, without affecting actual accounts, by using automatic reversing journals.

Unlimited Cost/Profit Centres with power project oriented reporting – gives you multi-dimensional analysis and comparatives, with an unlimited classification of analysis criteria.

Interest Calculation – enables you to calculate interest on dues, loans etc., based on certain set criteria or specified dates and time periods. You can also customise the calculation of interest to change after a certain time period, or based on other pre-defined conditions.

Inventory Features:

Multi-location Stock Control – helps you manage simple single-location, or complex multi-location stocks, with unlimited classification systems for your items, and your own units of measure.

Multiple-location Warehouse Management – helps you track stock movement; allowing you to decide which warehouse to ship from depending on stock position.

Flexible Units of Measure – helps you track stock, irrespective of the units of measure. For example, when you buy in tons and sell in kilograms or buy in crates and sell as pieces.

Comprehensive recording of stock movement – lets you comprehensively record all sorts of inventory transactions, using the inventory voucher forms. Vouchers include goods receipt notes, delivery notes, stock journals, manufacturing journals and physical stock journals. All stock movements are fully recorded and maintained in stock registers.

Varieties of Management Reports – gives you party-wise details of goods bought and sold and helps you identify customer buying patterns, through movement analysis. Stock query is a unique single sheet report that gives you information on stocks at different locations, as well as stock in hand of substitutes.

Stock Ageing – identifies stocks based on age, thus helping you to dispose off old stocks quickly.

Batch-related Stock Reports – helps you exercise stock control at the level of batches, by generating reports such as ‘batch-wise' reports and ‘expiry date' based details.

Comprehensive Order Status Reports – ensures that you stay on top of your stocks order position. You can also specify reorder levels in absolute quantities, or based on previous consumption.

Sales & Purchase Orders – enables you to record orders with a complete cycle of recording and allocation through inventory deliveries, invoicing and accounting - maintaining the trail right through. Single sheet reports give you details of current stocks, orders due for delivery, orders due for receipt, or shortfalls, if any. You can also get party-wise or item-wise details of orders outstanding and/or fulfilled.

Invoicing – allows you to print, export, e-mail or publish sales invoices that are produced, directly from Tally. This comprehensive invoicing system allows flexible handling of charges and taxes. You can choose from different invoice formats and adopt them as your own, or have a completely different layout designed.

Multiple Stock Valuation – allows you to choose from different types of valuation methods, including ‘First in First out', ‘Age Cost', ‘Last in Last out', ‘Standard', among others.

Reorder Levels - allows for user-defined reorder levels for any given period thus helping you avoid excess stocking of items while ensuring that you don't run out of essential stock.

Multiple Price Levels - allows you to pre-define item rates for specific categories of customers, enabling faster and error-free invoicing and data entry.

Statutory Features:

Value Added Tax

  • Simplifies every aspect of VAT
  • Tracks VAT transactions to State specific VAT classification with inbuilt rates of taxes
  • Generates VAT Computation for the desired period, along with Input VAT
  • Details, Output VAT Details and net VAT payable amount
  • Helps you file regular VAT/Composite Returns for a given period

Service Tax

  • Pre-defines Service Tax categories/rates and the applicability of these rates from a given date
  • Tracks input tax credit and adjusts it against Service Tax payable
  • Provides information on net payable
  • Generates half yearly Returns, annual Returns and TR-6 Challans, in the blink of an eye


  • Allows you to configure TDS ledgers by specifying the Nature of Payment and Assessee Types along with the Rate of TDS
  • Determines user-defined expense/payment type with user-defined rates
  • Auto-deduction of TDS, based on pre-defined rates, once the transaction exceeds the threshold limit
  • Generates Challans and Form-16A Certificate
  • Generates and files quarterly and annual returns within the specified 25-day period
  • Generates e-TDS files in NSDL compatible formats


  • Generates Excise Invoices for traders
  • Tracks Purchase Invoices during sales, with the ability to pass on Cenvat Credit
  • Generates Quarterly Returns
  • Maintains Excise Stock Register
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