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Payroll Software with Employee Self Service Module (ESS)

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WebPay - Web Based Payroll Management Software

Payroll Software Webpay has been designed to generate, manage and look after the Employee Details and payroll process of medium to large-scale organizations. WebPay Payroll Software is capable of marking attendance, calculating unlimited Salary Components, generating Pay-slips (and various other salary reports), generating PF reports, ESI reports, Tax reports according to end User Requirements. Webpay, Payroll software and services give employers and payroll service providers powerful, productivity-boosting payroll solutions.

Webpay Payroll software is a complete payroll software package for small and mid-sized businesses, which maximize payroll processing productivity and enhance profits. Since WebPay is web based payroll software you can access the software from anywhere in the world.

WebPay Payroll Software has been designed to generate, manage and look after the Employee Details and payroll process of medium to large-scale organizations. WebPay Payroll Software is capable of marking attendance, calculating unlimited Salary Components, generating Pay-slips (and various other salary reports), generating PF reports, ESI reports, Tax reports according to end User Requirements.

Advantages of WebPay
  • No need to install any software on Users Machines
  • Easier to manage Updates
  • Easier to manage Database
  • Cross-Platform viability
  • Less Memory Requirements
  • Multiple Concurrent Users
  • Reduces Data Redundancy
  • Better Pricing
  • All members of organization can log in the system; be it Top Management or Middle Management, HR Head or HR Assistant and all Employees
  • Import-Export from Excel
  • Generate all Statutory Forms and Reports
How it works?
There are different user types with different features / functions available to them.

Three of the main modules are:
  • Super Admin
  • Company Admin
  • MyLogin
Super Admin is the one who creates a company and assigns the features / functions required by that company.

Company Admin is the one who enters all the records, processes the payroll and generates all sorts of reports.

MyLogin belongs to all the Employees. They can view their salary slip, apply for leave, loan, reimbursements etc..
Features at a glance
Super Admin

Who is a Super Admin?
Super Admin is the Super Administrator of WebPay who creates the company and assigns the features to it.

What are rights of Super Admin?
Super Admin has the following rights:
  • Company Creation
  • Assigning Features to Company
  • User Management
  • Reports
How is Super Admin different from Company Admin?
Super Admin is the creator of a company and Company Admin is the owner of a single company.

How to become a Super Admin?
To become a Super Admin one has to purchase the server(s) license of WebPay
Company Admin
Who is a Company Admin?
Company Admin is the owner of a single company.
What features are available to Company Admin?
Company Admin has the following functions

Master Menu
  • Create Company
  • Create Financial Year
  • Asset Details
  • Bank Details
  • Blood Group Details
  • Categorization
  • Contact / Region Details
  • Holidays
  • Insurance Details
  • Department Designation Creation
  • Pay Code / Pay Components Creation
  • Formula Creation
  • PF/ESI/PT Group Creation
System Parameters
  • Company Parameters
    • Company Details
    • PF, ESI, PT Parameters
  • Company Configuration
    • Define System Messages
    • Configure Limits
  • Change Password
  • Set Code for Employees
Import Records
  • Import Employee Details
  • Import Salary Structure
  • Import Attendance
  • Import Tax Documents
  • Import Tax Details
  • Export Import Salary Structure
  • Import ESI
  • Import Finilize Data
  • Import HRA
  • Import Reimbursement
  • Import Employee Previous Salary
  • Import Tax and E-cess Charge
  • Change Employee Authorization
  • Employee Bank Account
  • Select Employee Pay Mode
  • Full And Finilize Employee
Employee Other Details
  • Accident Met By Employee
  • Disciplinary Action Details
    • Disciplinary Action Type
    • Employee Discipline Action Details
  • Employee Reference Details
  • Extra Curricular Details
    • Curricular Type
    • Curricular Details Master
    • Curricular Details of Employee
  • Award Details
    • Award Type Details
    • Award Description Details
    • Employee Award Mapping Details
  • Document Details
    • Document Type Details
    • Employee Document Mapping Details
  • Extra Assignment
    • Assets Issue/Return Assignment Details
    • Assign Over Time Details
    • Assign Bonus to Employees Group and/or Individual
  • Leave Transaction
    • Leave Assignment Details
    • Online Leave Sanction
    • Assign Leave Code Group Wise
    • Leave Encashment Details
    • Leave Sanction
    • Leave Without Pay
  • Salary Structure
    • Assign Manual Pay Codes to Employee Individually
    • Assign Manual Paycode to Employees Group
    • Assign Salary Increment to Employees Group
    • Loan / Advance Transaction Detail
  • Salary Process
    • Monthly Optimistic Attendance Process
    • Monthly Attendance Adjustment
    • Monthly Salary Process
    • Monthly Salary UnLock
    • Current Arrear to Employee Individually (CTC)
  • Tax Settings
  • Slab Details
    • Professional Tax Slab
    • Income Tax Slab
  • Tax Deductor
  • Tax Challan Monthly
  • E-TDS Generation
  • Perquisite
    • Perquisites Details
    • Perquisites Assignment Details
  • Manual Tax Entry
  • Income Tax Editor
  • Form 16 Editor And Report
  • Section
    • Section and SubSection Details
    • Deduction Chapter VI A Detail
  • Auto Tax Calculation
  • Assets Details
    • Assets Type
    • Assets Master
    • Employee Assets Details
  • Bank List
    • List Of Bank
    • Employee Bank Details
    • Employee Branch Details
  • Contact Details List
    • Country
    • State
    • City
    • Cost Center
    • Region
    • Location
    • Unit
    • Level
    • Grade
    • Domicile
  • Department Designation Details
    • List of Qualification
    • List of Language
    • List of Department
    • List Of Category
    • List of Sub Department
    • List of Designation
    • List of Holidays
  • Employee Details
    • List of Employees
    • Employee Important Dates
    • Employee Finalize Salary Slip Generation
  • Leave Details
    • Leave Detail List
    • Leave Encashment And Sanction
    • Leave Without Pay
  • PF Reports
    • PF Monthly Reports
    • PF Form 3A
    • PF Form 6A
    • PF Challan
  • ESI Reports
    • Monthly ESI Challan
    • ESI Half Yearly Report
    • ESI Challan Details
  • Salary Reports
    • Monthly Salary Structure
    • Monthly Salary Slip/Register Generation
    • Print Check report
  • Tax Related Reports
    • Professional Tax Head
    • Challan Details
    • Employee Monthly Tax Details
    • Form 12 B A
  • Employee Other Details
    • Employee Attendance Detail List
    • Select the Report Type
    • Employee Accident Report
    • Select the Report Type
    • Employee Document Details
    • Employee Extra Curricular Details
  • Insurance Details
    • Insurance Company List
My Login (Employee Portal)
  • View
    • My Profile
    • Change Password
    • Details
    • Online Leave Request
    • Accident Details
    • Extra Curricular Activities
    • My References
    • Annually Rent Details
    • Upload Documents
  • Reports
    • Training Details
    • Award Details
    • My Salary Structure
    • My Salary Slip
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