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eLMS (Web Based eLearning Software)
Advantages of e-LMS
Create, administer, and track training programs. Reach employees, resellers, partners or students wherever they are.
Offer online training and coaching to your clients/students. Build courses, manage client enrollment, and produce custom reports.
Offer certification or training courses through the Internet using a mix of self-paced or instructor-led courses.
Who can use it?
There is no organization that is too large or too small. Some have less than 100 learners whereas others have more than 10,000!
Super Adminq
Company Admin

Super Admin creates a company and assigns the features / functions that have been bought by a particular Company Admin.

Company Admin has to buy the subscription of e-LMS and pays according to the features / functions selected viz. Course Content Creation, Online Test, Assignment, Discussion Forum, Message Center, Announcement, Special Offer, Download Application, User Access, Calendar Scheduler, FAQ, File Share, Add Notes, Resource, Ask Question, Randomization in Test and Reports. Company Admin would then create users i.e. its office bearers viz. Instructors and Support Staff. Company Admin, can whereas manage the whole application all by itself as the application is very intuitive and easy to use.

Learners take and pass courses. Apart from this they also get extremely useful features like Announcements, News, Intra Messaging, Ask a Question, Personal Scheduler, Add Notes, Discussion Forum, FAQ's and Resources.

We hope you to have an exciting experience using e-LMS.

We look forward to your valuable feedback.

Feature List - Elearning Software Solution

Features at a glance
Super Admin
Company Admin
Student / Learner Cockpit
Who is a Super Admin?
Super Admin is the owner of e-LMS?

What are rights of Super Admin?
Super Admin has the following rights:
  • Company Creation
  • Assigning Features to Company
  • Adding Additional Language
  • Managing its Users
  • Sending Notifications to Company Admin
  • Viewing Various Reports
How is Super Admin different from Company Admin?
Super Admin is the owner of e-LMS and Company Admin is the owner of a company, which is part of e-LMS. There can be lot of Company Admin but Super Admin would be only one in e-LMS.

How to become a Super Admin?
To become a Super Admin one has to purchase the server(s) license of e-LMS


Who is a Company Admin?
Company Admin is the owner of a single company in e-LMS?

What features are available to Company Admin?
Company Admin has the following functions:

Company Module
Edit Company Details viz. Address, Telephone, Top banner for company admin and student cockpit
View Feature List
Add Countries
Add State
Add Department
Add Designation

System Parameters
Define System Parameters viz. Custom messages on save, delete etc., Question Settings, Button Captions, Practice Test Direction, Real Test Direction, Evaluation Methods Parameters, Other Settings
Change Password

Manage User Groups, Users and their roles & rights
Course Module
Course Definition like Grade, Classroom, Semester, Subject and Curriculum
Create / Upload Course Content using online web editor
Manage Extra Class
Manage Study Material Links

Learner Module
Create / Approve Learner Profile
Create Student Note Category
Insert Performance Scale Master
Manage Online Student Request

Test Management Module
Create Question Bank
Insert 7 types of Questions viz. Multiple Choice, Single Choice, Rank the following, Match the following, Fill in the blank, True / False and Essay Type.
Create Assignments
Create Tests
Activate Static / Randomized Tests
Evaluate Essay Type Answers

Interaction Module
Announcements to selected section of users
Insert Special Offer
Upload Applications for sharing
Approve Learners Files to be shared by other learners
Give answers to questions asked by learners
Manage Discussion Forum
Manage FAQ's
Manage Resources viz. Newspaper Links, Journal, Link, Books

User Reports
User List
User Details

Learner Reports
Learner List
Learner Details

Classroom Reports
Class Update List
New Class List
Extra Class List

Course Definition Reports
Subject List
Subject Details
Curriculum List
Curriculum Details
Chapter List

Content Reports
Content List
Content Details

Material Reports
Material Details

Test Reports
Question List
Test List
Test Details

Assignment Reports
Assignment List
Assignment Details
Checked Assignment with scores

Test Performance Reports
Student Test Performance Details
Student: All Test Subject Performance details
Subject Wise Performance
Score Summary

Announcement List
Announcement Details
Special Offer List
Application List
File Sharing
Student Question List
Answer List
Question & Answer List
FAQ List
FAQ Details

Student / Learner Cockpit

Who is a Learner?
Learner is the user who views the course content, participates in tests, various interaction methods, maintains her notes, scheduler and views / prints reports.

What features are available to Student / Learner?
Student / Learner gets the following features:

Student Profile Module
View Profile
Change Password
Student Interest à Personal Scheduler
Student Interest à Add Notes

Content Module
View Course Content
View Study Material Link

Test and Assignment Module
Online Test
Corrected Test
Test / Assignment Answer Information
Retake Test
Pending Evaluation

Learner Module
Create / Approve Learner Profile
Create Student Note Category
Insert Performance Scale Master
Manage Online Student Request

Interaction Module
Discussion Forum
File Sharing
Ask Question
Internal Messaging

Resource Module
View Resource Link
View Book List
View News
View Journal

Utility Module
Download Application
View Special Offer

Test Performance
Add Notes
Subject wise Score Summary
Subject Test Performance
Question Answer
Assignment List
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